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All purchases are automatically applied to your account within minutes.

Always make sure you have permission to use payment details if you're not the one paying!

All Server Packages are 'lifetime' - it's a donation payment to help keep the server running and the rewards are yours for the life of the server! It's our way of saying thanks - buying a Server Package will help keep this server running.

At this time we are not considering server perks on these servers (This might change later on): HardCore, Creative, Let's Play: Tempest, Skywars, Skyblock, Wonderland, Redstone Mini Games

We are planing to add server perks later on to these servers: SlimeFun, Wastelands, GriefMe

We reserve the right to add or remove any perks to any Server Package on any server we run. If we remove something we will try to add something to replace it.



*Custom Prefixes require an admin to set them. Contact them on the forums or in-game and they will set them ASAP. All purchases are non-refundable. You do not actually buy anything from us by donating, you donate to us and we reward you as a thank-you. Being a donator is a Privilege and not a Right. You must still follow our rules and can be banned if you do not (just like regular players). Server moderators have no obligation to help you or answer your questions, but as always we try hard to! Just like you, we do this for fun, and your donation is, after all, a donation!


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